Please watch for your students’ progress report coming in the mail soon.  You can also view their reports on ParentVue. 

We would also like to provide this information regarding PE grading in Comprehensive Distance Learning: 

PE Grading in Comprehensive Distance Learning

PE teachers have continued to teach to the National Standards during Comprehensive Distance Learning. Assessing skills in a virtual setting has proved to be quite challenging. That is why parents will see a “/” in the skill grade (manipulatives and locomotor movement) for PE. That simply means that the skill has been taught, but not assessed.

The main grade that you will see in PE is for Responsible Personal and Social Behavior. In on-line PE, the focus is for students to have their cameras on, be actively participating, and not interrupting. These are the following scores you will see and what they mean:

1=Little or no evidence towards standards (Did not attend, did not participate, or attended with camera off.)

2=Making progress towards standards (Attended and participated in most on-line PE classes.)

3=Meeting standards (This is the goal for the end of the school year.)

4=Exceeding standards (Even if your child is very fit and athletic, this score is near impossible to achieve, especially in CDL PE.)